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Safety Stories:
Safety Stories:

Prevent Forklift-Related Accidents and Injuries

June 23, 2020

Approximately 95,000 employees are injured every year while operating powered industrial trucks -- and approximately 100 of these injuries result in death. One of the main causes of fatalities are a result of forklift turnover. See the following guidelines from OSHA to ensure worker safety when operating forklifts:

  • Be sure all opreators are trained and certified to operate forklifts safely.
  • Examine forklift truck for defects before using.
  • Do not handle loads that are heavier than the capacity of the industrial truck.
  • Do not allow any employee under 18 years old to operate a forklift.
  • Properly maintain haulage equipment, including tires.
  • Do not modify or make attachments that affect the capacity and safe operation of the forklift without written approval from the forklift's manufacturer.
  • Follow safe operating procedures for picking up, moving, putting down and stacking loads.
  • Drive safely--never exceed 5 mph and slow down in congested or slippery surface areas.
  • Prohibit stunt driving and horseplay.
  • Remove unsafe or defective forklift trucks from service.
  • Operators shall always wear seatbelts.
  • Avoid traveling with elevated loads.
  • Assure that rollover protective structure is in place.
  • Make certain that the reverse signal alarm is operational and audible above the surrounding noise level.

See this OSHA link more information on safe operation of forklifts: