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Protecting the Eyes is a Critical Way to Safeguard Against Infection

April 21, 2020

Protecting the eyes in an important safeguard in preventing exposure to infectious diseases. Since the eyes have mucous membranes, bacteria and other pathogens can be transmitted through ocular contact. But there are strategies that can help prevent infections from being transmitted in this manner. The following are some tips to keep the eyes protected from Coronavirus and other infections:

  • Avoid touching the eyes, especially after contact with public surfaces. If you must touch the eyes, be sure to wash hands first.
  • If you wear contact lenses, consider switching to eye glasses. This strategy will also discourage touching the eyes as it provides a barrier between your hands and eyes.
  • The CDC recommends wearing eye protection in settings where potential exposure may put workers at risk for acquiring infectious diseases via ocular exposure. Be sure the eye protection is appropriate for the job and that it fits properly.
  • Do not share eye drops or eye cosmetics with others as infection can spread through contact with these items.