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Effective Social Distancing Strategies for Reopening Businesses

May 12, 2020

As businesses start to reopen after closures from COVID19, it is essential to excerise appropriate protocol to ensure the safety of workers and customers. One of the most critical and challenging elements for employers going forward is implenting strategies for maintaining social distance between individuals who come into the workplace. Here are some tips to help maintain social distance:

  • Utilize technology such as phones, tables and/or video conferencing to reduce the need for close personal contact.
  • Utilize barriers for social distancing when possible such as sneeze guards, plastic sheeting and cubicles.
  • If physical barriers cannot be used, place visual reminders for workers and/or customers to maintain social distance. Signage and stickers can be easily placed and removed as necessary.
  • Close common areas where people are more likely to congregate. If break rooms and lunch areas do not allow for a 6-foot distance between employees, stagger lunch hours or provide additional alternate areas for breaks/lunches.
  • If your business has a reception area, limit seating and structure the space to maintain at least a 6-foot distance between seats.

For more information on safely opening your business see the CDC's Guidelines here: