Hydem Gimp Products
Yet another versatile product, Mutual's Gimp is available in a wide variety of different colors and sizes, making it as perfect choice for your specific upholstery application.

800 Line Vinyl/Osnaburg Backing Hydem Gimp - 5/8"
This high-quality, popular gimp material is ideal for many different applications.  It comes in 22 different colors.

Premium Line Hydem Gimp
Mutual's superior gimp has vinyl on a drill back and is UV and mildew resistant.  It is available in 7 standard colors and 3 special colors.

Acrylic Line Hydem Gimp
Mutual's acrylic line is available in 11 standard colors and is very versatile, especially in the marine industry.

Marine Upholstery Vinyl Hydem Gimp
This excellent Mutual gimp product is made from marine-quality expended vinyl upholstery material.

Mylar Line Hydem Gimp
This material is crafted from the highest-quality mylar and is available in both gold and silver.

Heavy Plastic Gimp
This gimp is made from 18 gauge black vinyl and slit to your specifications.  It is ideal for use as a tacking strip in your assembly processes.

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