Binding Products

"800" Line Vinyl/Osnaburg Backing

Mutual's high-quality, popular binding products are ideal for many different applications.  They are available in 22 colors and in a wide variety of sizes for the ultimate in versatility.

  • 1-1/4" One Edge Turned (OET) Bias
  • 3/4" Two Edge Turned (TET) Bias
  • 5/8" Hydem Gimp
  • Raw Edge Bias
  • 7/8" One Edge Turned (OET) Bias

'Premium' Line

Mutual's superior binding has vinyl on a chill back and is UV & mildew resistant.  It's perfect for marine applications, convertible tops, tonneaus & much more!  This material comes standard in 7 pinpoint grain colors and 3 crush grain colors.  Special colors are also available, so please inquire.  Premium Line is also available in:

  • 1-1/4" One Edge Turned (OET) Bias
  • 3/4" Two Edge Turned (TET) Bias
  • 5/8" Hydem Gimp
  • Raw Edge Bias - Please specify widths
  • Wire On - Cemented and stitched

Acrylic Line

Marine Acrylic Fabric Binding
This binding is made of an acrylic fabric speifically designed for marine applications.  It comes in 11 standard colors and is available as:

  • 1-1/4" ONE EDGE TURNED (OET)
  • 5/8" HYDEM GIMP
  • Other sizes are available, please inquire.

7/8" Woven Acrylic Centerfold
Mutual's self-folding tape is woven from solution dyed acrylic yarn and is engineered to easily fold down the center.  It is available in 7 standard colors.

3/4" Woven Acrylic Centerpull Binding
This binding is a self-folding tape that is solution dyed and is available in 7 standard colors.

Floormat Binding

Knit polyester mesh binding
Mutual's binding is beam dyed for better cracking resistance and is available in a wide variety of colors and in any desired width.

Velour binding
This material is a flocked acrylic on a non-woven back and is also available in any desired width.

Slit Vinyl Line

This is an unsupported vinyl film material.  Many gauges and widths are available in a wide variety of colors, please call.


Felt Binding

Mutual's 100% polyester felt binding is ideal for use on car bras, dash mats and many marine applications.  It is available in black and in widths as requested.


Woven Binding Tapes

These Mutual tapes are available in a wide variety of styles, including GROS GRAIN, and come in polyester, cotton, and poly/cotton blends.

Other Binding Products From Mutual
Vinyl on a Polyester Knit  OEM Vinyl on Drill or Osnaburg  Nylons  Cottons, Poly/Cottons, and Polyesters  And Much More!

Bindings Made From Your Material
Mutual Industries can convert your fabric into binding for you.  Please call for more information.

Call Toll Free: 1-800-523-0888       Fax: (215) 927-3388