Safeguarding Against Same-level Falls

It's no secret that falls are a major safety concern on job sites. What’s interesting to note is that the majority of falls (67%) are “same-level” falls - those that occur on the same level as slips and trips. The remaining 30% are falls from height. Helping prevent falls on the same level can significantly decrease the overall number of falls on the work site and is an integral aspect of successful safety program. With that in mind, here are some guidelines for recognizing and remediating the dangers of same-level falls in the workplace:
Slips, trips and falls can happen when:
  • spills or work environment create wet or oily surfaces 
  • rugs or mats become buckled, loose or unanchored
  • there is inadequate and/or differing degrees of traction on floor surfaces 
  • weather hazards exist such as rain/sleet/snow
  • lighting is insufficient
  • wires or cables are not properly secured and/or removed from walkways
  • there is an environment with obstructed vision or 
  • clutter on the floor is present
  • work footwear does not provide adequate traction
Falls can be prevented by:
  • promptly cleaning all spills 
  • placing proper signage and/or marking wet/damp areas 
  • ensuring proper lighting and repairing faulty switches
  • removing all debris from floors
  • keeping walkways free of wires, cables and clutter
  • securing mats rugs and carpeting to floor to prevent tripping hazards
  • wearing footwear with proper traction