Eye Safety Strategies For The Workplace

Workplace eye injuries cost over $133 million a year in medical expenses, workers’ compensation and lost productivity according to the American Academy of Ophtamology. Setting a goal of ZERO eye injuries or accidents is crucial to preventing these injuries. This can be done by routinely reviewing and updating accident prevention policies. Here are some guidelines to follow to help eliminate eye hazards in the workplace: 

- Make routine vision testing during employee physical exams a priority. Improper vision can lead to accidents.
- Add eye safety to your ongoing training programs and new employee orientation that highlight the need for protective eyewear and accident prevention.
- Display a copy of your company’s eye safety program in work and employee gathering areas. 
- Examine the work environment, including work areas, equipment, access routes as well as previous eye injury reports.  Use the information to determine potential hazards and eradicate them.
- Have management play an active role in having a successful eye safety program by wearing protective eyewear whenever necessary.
- Plan for emergencies by setting up eyewash stations that are easily accessible. Train workers in basic first-aid for handling eye injuries