Easy Ways To Avoid Eye Injuries At Work

Each day, approximately 2,000 workplace-related eye injuries occur in the U.S. Ninety percent of these injuries are preventable. And preventing them is quicker and easier than you might think. Here’s what you can do to reduce and/or eliminate workplace eye injuries:

1) Airborne Particles
The number one cause of eye injuries is airborne particles coming into contact with the eyes - and the number one way to remedy this type of injury is by wearing proper eye protection. Be sure to have eyewear that includes side shields to protect against flying particles from entering the eye area. For operations that involve welding and/or grinding, face shields may be required to protect the entire facial area.

2) Chemicals
Injuries from chemical contact also make up a significant portion of eye injuries in the workplace. Chemical eye injuries can also be prevented by using proper eye protection. Splash goggles form a tighter fit over the eye area to prevent chemicals from entering and/or irritating the eye. In some instances, face shields may also be required for added protection, depending on the chemicals used.

3) Work Environment
While safety glasses are effective in preventing eye injuries, it’s imperative to examine the work environment to reduce the likelihood of accidents. Ensure that machinery and tools are in proper working order and that traffic routes for workers and machinery are clear of debris. Review previous eye injury reports to assist in honing in on where improvements need to be made.

4) Training
In the event of an accident or injury, it is imperative that all workers are properly trained in basic first-aid for eye injuries and that workers know the location and proper usage of eyewash stations. Be sure that eyewash stations are visible and easily accessible in the event of an emergency.