Biodegradable Tapes Make Eco-friendly Marking Solutions

For industries competing in today’s market, eco-friendly solutions are an emerging trend that not only saves the planet, but that can also boost your company’s profile and, in turn, its bottom line. Consider going green when purchasing marking solutions such as flagging and barricade tape. Here are some great features to know about these products:

Biodegradable Flagging Tape: Mutual is the premier manufacturer of biodegradable flagging tape which made of non-woven cellulosic material derived from wood pulp. This means the materials are completely non-toxic to humans, animals, and the environment. Complete degradation of the tape occurs outdoors within 6 to 24 months, depending on environmental conditions. Biodegradable flagging tapes come in multiple colors that are ideal for trail marking, agricultural, and horticultural applications.

Biodegradable Barricade Tape: Mutual’s high-quality biodegradable barricade tape is also made of non-woven cellulosic material derived from wood pulp also making them non-toxic to humans, animals, and the environment. Degradation occurs in 6 to 24 months outdoors, again, depending on specific environmental conditions. These are can be printed with black “CAUTION” on yellow or “DANGER” on red tape.

Repulpable Tape: Repulpable barricade tape is another environmentally sound option for industries looking to go green. Mutual’s 100% cotton tape was developed for use in paper mills where plastic contamination is a major problem. Blade lines are reduced because repulpable tape actually becomes part of the pulp and paper process. Tapes can be purchased plain or printed with legends.